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Home remedies to control High Blood Pressure

If you are facing severe problems with High BP and do not want to take a high dosage of medicine that’s totally fine. You’ve come to the right place here we will provide you with all the solutions regarding the problem of High BP.

If you are struggling with stress, head pain, anger issue, migraine, weakness, anxiety, etc Don’t worry though this video and article will share all the details on how to control BP.

Home remedies to control High Blood Pressure
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Home Remedies to Control BP

  • Do Anlom-Vilom yoga early in the morning and Kapal Bharti along with it.
  • You can even do Madukasana it will benefit you even more. Avoid if you have knee pain or any joint pain.
  • Drink lemon water along with honey early in the morning.
  • Consume 1-2 garlic cloves in the morning as it is, this will help in controlling the High BP as well as the Cholesterol level is increased.
  • If garlic doesn’t suit you, hold on you can have Amla juice or powder. Just add 1tsp of amla powder in 1cup of water at night. Drink it in the morning sip by sip.

If you struggle with Gas, Constipation, or bloating, simply take Saunf (fennel), or Jeera, make a fine powder of it and add jaggery to it. Simply consume this mixture like 1tbsp in the morning on an empty stomach in 1glass of water.


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