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Natural Home Remedies For Cold & Cough/ सर्दी जुकाम के घरेलू नुस्खे

If you do need to treat your cough and cold, a home remedy might be better than medicine. Fortunately, it is easy to treat coughs and colds in small children without using these cough and cold medicines. While there is no magical method for eradicating coughs and colds overnight, you can manage their symptoms and help your baby rest for a bit. Below are listed some amazing Natural Home Remedies for Cold & Cough.

Natural & Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Cold & Cough:-

In addition to medicines and cough syrups, you can use some simple ayurvedic home remedies for cough and cold to help you feel better. Below are some natural home remedies for cough & cold.


Among its many health benefits, ginger is known for soothing common colds and accelerating recovery. Another effective home remedy for the common cold and cough is the lemon, cinnamon, and honey mix. Ginger root is used in Chinese Traditional Medicine for treating coughs, as well as colds that are accompanied by a runny nose with a clear nasal discharge, headache, aches, and pains of the neck and shoulders, and a white coating on the tongue. Ginger root is another folk medicine for coughs, colds, and strep throat. 


Tulsi is a bushy plant located in the tropical and semitropical regions of the world. It has a unique fragrance and a distinct taste. It grows up to a height of 3-5 feet. Tulsi leaves are extensively used in preparing Ayurvedic medicines. The extracts obtained from Tulsi might be helpful for various ailments like the common cold, heart diseases, headaches, stomach disorders, kidney stones, and many more. Tulsi might be helpful for disorders related to the respiratory system. A decoction obtained from the leaves of tulsi mixed with ginger and honey might help with asthma, cough, influenza, cold, and bronchitis. A decoction of the leaves, common salt, and cloves might also provide relief in cases of influenza. 

How it Works:

Tulsi has cough relieving propertis. It helps soothe the airways by helping you cough out the sticky mucus. 

How to make Tulsi Kadha or Tulsi Tea:-

  • Take a few tulsi leaves. Wash it well.
  • Boil water in a pan, add the tulsi leaves.
  • To it, add 1 teaspoon of grated ginger and 5-6 peppercorns.
  • Boil the mixture for at least 10 minutes.
  • Finally, add a pinch of black salt and squeeze ½ lemon to it.
  • Let it stand for 1 minute.
  • Strain and drink it warm.

3. Honey

Honey provides relief from chest congestion by loosening thick mucus and helping you to cough it out. This helps reduce wet cough. To help kids sleep through the cold, use a hot iron to warm up their bedding so that their bedding is nice and warm. If you have taken an over-the-counter cough or cold product already, but you are still in need of a bit of relief, try spooning some honey. If your baby is a year old or older, honey with a squeeze of lemon juice may naturally soothe the aching throat.

4. Turmeric/ Haldi

Turmeric has many health benefits like it is traditionally used for disorders of the skin, upper respiratory tract, joints, and digestive system. Today, turmeric is promoted as a dietary supplement for a variety of conditions, including arthritis, digestive disorders, respiratory infections, allergies, liver disease, depression, and many others.

Turmeric & Honey Mixture – For a dry cough, turmeric powder mixed with a teaspoon of honey taken three to four times a day is effective. You could also try preparing turmeric tea by adding one tablespoon of turmeric powder into 4 cups of boiling water. Keep for a few minutes, strain and mix in some lemon and honey to the liquid and drink.

5. Pancham Haldi

It is a mixture of 5 Haldi namely Simple Haldi, kali haldi, Amba Haldi, Daru Haldi, Jangali Haldi Powder. Make a fine powder of these 5 Haldi and make Kadha out of it. Simply, boil 1-2 cups of water and add 1tbsp of the prepared haldi powder and boil it for 5-7 mins. you can simply drink as it is or add milk to it and let it reduce to half and then add a bit of jaggery in it. Drink this concotion sip by sip.

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