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फैटी लिवर के लिए घरेलु इलाज | Natural Home Remedies for Fatty Liver | फैटी लीवर से कैसे छुटकारा पाएं

Fatty Liver is a very common problem nowadays but it can be reversed by adopting these natural home remedies and healthy diet. The liver is the largest organ of the human body. It helps process food and removes toxins from the body. Fatty liver is the build-up of excessive fats in the liver cells. Some amount of fat is normal for the liver, but if the fat content is more than 10% of the liver’s weight, you might be suffering from a fatty liver. However, you can reverse or prevent fatty liver with some lifestyle changes. You can also use some natural home remedies to cure fatty liver. Below are some home remedies through which you can cure the problem of fatty liver or any liver related disease.

 Natural Home Remedies for Fatty Liver

what Causes Fatty Liver?

When the liver cannot process and break down the fats in the body, the fat gets accumulated to cause fatty liver. Over usage of alcohol, malnutrition and rapid weight loss can also cause fatty liver.

Symptoms of Fatty Liver:-

Fatty liver disease can affect your liver for years without causing any signs or symptoms. However, you might experience these symptoms as the disease gets worse.  

  • Weakness and fatigue    
  • Confusion  
  • Weight loss    
  • Abdominal discomfort    

Natural Remedies For Fatty Liver Disease:-

1. Turmeric / Haldi

Boil 1tsp Haldi in 1 cup of water and let it boil until it is reduced to half. Sip this water slowly. Consume it every night before sleeping.

2. Amla(Indian Gooseberry)

Take fresh Amla and make juice from it, if you do not have fresh amla take amla powder it’s easily available. Take 1 cup of water and add 1tbsp of amla powder and let it sit for 5-10 min. Drink this in the morning.

3. Giloy

Take 1tsp of Giloy powder every morning and evening. This help help in treating all the problems of liver as well as sugar problems, BP and many other disease.

4. Bhumi Amla

Take Bhumi Amla powder it is easily available in the market and drink it with water.

5. Reduce Fat in Diet

Fats are high in calories. Consuming more fats can increase your chances of developing obesity. Obesity is one of the risk factors for fatty liver. It is advised to avoid saturated fats and trans fats and add unsaturated fats to your diet, such as omega 3 fatty acids, to get rid of fatty liver disease.

6. Avoid sugar

You need to avoid consuming sugar in high amounts. Managing blood sugar levels can help to deal with fatty liver disease. Avoid foods with a high glycemic index, for example, white rice, white bread, and potatoes. Consumption of foods and drinks that contain high amounts of sugar, especially fructose, should be avoided. Fructose is a simple sugar used to sweeten soft drinks, sports drinks and sweetened juices and drinks. You also need to consume less sugar at home.

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